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When a house is built in an area with moderate to heavy rains, if the house has rain gutters on it, they are there actually for a reason. A home has rain gutters and downspouts due to the fact that there is enough rains in the region that they are essential.

Rain gutters take all of the water that hits a house’s roof during a downpour and directs it away from the house shielding it from pricey water damage. Without gutters and downspouts a house might suffer from mold issues, water damage to its eaves, damage to landscaping and the yard, and even damage to its concrete foundation. If a house’s rain gutters are not clean and in working condition, then it’s the same as not having rain gutters at all.

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Rain gutters do a great job at controlling rain, however they can only do this job if they are clean, free of debris, and free of damage. Sadly, the only way to make sure that they stay in good condition and working properly is by having them cleaned and maintained regularly. While a house owner could attempt to do the job on their own, they are far better off choosing an experienced professional. If a savvy home-owner is prepared to choose a skilled professional, they contact Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning because we are budget-friendly, trustworthy, and we take fantastic pride in the service we deliver. Be the smart home-owner. Contact us today.


Cleaning gutters and downspouts the safest way ought to constantly be your primary objective when it’s time to clean and examine the gutters on your house. Gutters cleaning is not merely a filthy and physically demanding job, but it’s also extremely dangerous. To thoroughly clean and maintain your gutters and downspouts, you need to stand on top a ladder, hold heavy equipment, and reach over your head. Oh, and you likewise have to utilize a high pressure washer or a garden hose, so there’s also water involved. What could possibly go wrong if you are standing atop a ladder, holding heavy equipment, reaching over your head, and making things more slippery by adding water into the equation?

Clearly, falling when you are cleaning and maintaining your gutters and downspouts is your most significant concern. A fall from a ladder could leave you bruised, or it could result in more severe injuries like broken bones and torn tendons. The leading category of OSHA accidents resulting in death is ‘slip, trip and fall’. If you fall the wrong way you could even end up with grievous injuries. Now, cleaning and maintaining your gutters is very important. But, it’s not significant enough to risk your life and limb. That’s why you should constantly select an experienced professional gutter cleaning company to clean your gutters and downspouts.

If You Are Determined to Clean and Maintain Your Own Rain Gutters And Downspouts See To It You Make Safety A Priority

While choosing a skilled professional to clean and maintain your rain gutters is your optimal option, many American home-owners will be stubborn and attempt to do the job themselves. If this is something you are going to insist on accomplishing on your own, then at least, you need to use safe practices:

– Make certain that the ladder is high enough. If you have a multi-story home then whatever you do, do not stand on the ladder to reach over your head. That little sticker on your ladder isn’t just there for show. It exists to hinder homeowners from doing something dangerous that could cause them falling.

– Speaking of falling, if you do fall then the last thing you need is to be home alone and not have anybody around that can come to your aid. Just envision laying on the ground after falling with some serious injuries, and not having anybody that can call an ambulance or take you to the clinic. If you are determined to stand on a ladder and clean and maintain gutters and downspouts yourself, then you need to at least have the sense to have somebody around while you are doing it.

– Wear shoes or boots with good tread. If you truly feel like falling off a ladder, then go ahead and go up there in sandals. Or, make the smart choice and go up there in boots that have terrific tread. Or, make even a wiser decision and call a qualified professional rain gutter and downspout cleaning business.

– If you are using a high pressure washer, and you should be, then make sure that you do not have any electric cords laying on the ground where they can get soaked. If you are standing on top of a metal ladder, on a ground that is covered in water, having an electrical cord laying in that water is not really going to be good for your overall health.

– Use gloves. You know all of that revolting things in your rain gutters and downspouts might be more than simply revolting debris, it might have sharp items in it that might cut your fingers. The last thing you really want is to cut your hand on anything in your rain gutters, that will absolutely expose bacteria into your hand, which will almost certainly result in infection. Lets not forget all the creeping crawling things that could be lurking in the debris. A lot of these little guys have fangs or stingers!

Hiring An Experienced Professional Gutter Cleaning Business Is Your Best Option

Ideally, you have actually realized that attempting to clean your own rain gutters and downspouts is not in your best interests. Why should you put yourself in danger doing a task that you are going to loathe when you can simply employ a skilled professional instead? Now, if you are thinking that getting a skilled professional is going to cost you , you are absolutely right. But the charge that a trained professional gutter cleaning service provider charges is modest enough that there’s no point in attempting to avoid it. Instead, you must simply look at it as another bill and a minimal bill at that.

Now, this doesn’t suggest that you desire your rain gutter and downspout service provider to take risks and possibly get somebody hurt. It simply means that after thinking things over, you have actually recognized that it’s probably not the best approach to attempt to do a job that you really have no business attempting. Plus, a qualified professional rain gutter cleaning business is going to be far less prone to have an injury than the average home owner would. This is what they do for a living, so they have much more experience than you do in cleaning rain gutters.

What takes place if the rain gutter cleaning business you get has a personal injury on your premises? Well, as long as you get a, bonded, and insured company you have nothing to stress over. You may feel bad that somebody was injured, which’s normal, but at least you won’t be liable for any medical costs.

Cleaning Rain Gutters– The Safest Way Is Simple. Hire A Qualified Professional

If you are still favoring trying to clean and maintain your own rain gutters, then you really are about to make what could be a big miscalculation. If you don’t like the idea of paying for a gutter and downspout cleaning service, how does the idea of paying your medical expenses after you are injured sound? Or, how about the idea of being off of work for a prolonged period of time since you are hurt? This is exactly what you need to think about when you are choosing whether or not you should try to clean and maintain your gutters and downspouts. The point here is simple, getting a qualified professional is the wise move to make. It removes the opportunities of a personal injury, and on top of that, a qualified professional is going to do a much better job than you could do yourself. Be the savvy homeowner and call a skilled professional rain gutter cleaning service provider today!